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As we all know pubg mobile is a world famous battle royal game. There are three modes such as Classic, Arcade and Evo Ground. The classic match lasts for about 25-40mins, an arcade match lasts from 8-15mins where as evo ground lasts 10-30mins, all based on the type of map, match you select. Now let's not waste much time on introduction and get to the point.

How to be a pro player in pubg?

Simple: To be a pro, you need to act like a pro. Just don't be too overconfident of yourself that you will lose the match along with your temper. But acting like a pro is not all, you also need to know how to play. Here are my suggestions, if you like it, you are free to try it.

Jump, glide:

The first thing you need to learn is how to jump from the airplane and land the fastest. If your location is nearby then jump at 800meters in erangle map, it varies based on the map. Slide your fingers downwards and move towards the right or left (based on your selected location) if it's under 800m and if it's more then just slide it half way where the character is in horizontal position and if its more farther then slide upwards fully and move accordingly.

Selection of teammates:

Best Tips to be a pro player in pubg mobile

Yes! Teammates do matter alot, they can either make you win the game or make you lose it miserably. First off, create a good team, make many friends in pubg and create a clan, introduces each other. A squad must have 2sniper and 2assault. Sniper doesn't mean literally only carrying sniper but a bolt action and AR whereas assault will carry AR and DMR, Dp-28.

Please do not forget to turn on the mic, communication is much easier using the mic, voice chat. If you or your teammates require help, you could just speak through the mic instead of wasting time texting in the chat and putting yourself in danger.

Selection of guns, ammo, throwables:

I'd suggest not carrying same ammo type gun. Instead, carry a 5.56mm and 7.62mm
M416 + Kar98k or M24 or AWM
Akm + Mini 14
Groza + AWM
M416 + Dp-28
M762 + Mini14
M249 + M24 or Kar98k or AWM
M249 + AWM
AUG + M24 or Kar98k or AWM
UZ, Vector, UMP are also good for close range, they have high speed but less damage.

However, if your aim is really good, you can go for same ammo type as well:
M416 + Mini 14
Akm + Dp-28
Groza + Mk14
M249 + Mini14
It's better to keep 3smoke and 3 frag grenade or you can choose to keep 2smoke, 2frag, 1molv and 1stun.
Scope & recoil control:
Personally my favourite are 2x, 3x and 6x scope.
As for sniper, I feel 4x pretty much sucks.
Red dot, holographic, 2x - M762, M416, Akm, ScarL, Dp-28, M249, mk14, Groza, Aug, UMP, Vector
3x, 4x - M416, Akm, Dp-28, M249, mk14, Aug, UMP, Vector
6x- M416, Aug, Dp-28, dmr or marksman riffle, bolt action, Vector
8x - dmr and bolt action

Recoil is the stability of the gun. When you shoot, the rate of movement of gun vertically is called recoil. To control recoil, you should slide your finger down while aiming. The bigger the scope, the faster you have to slide tour fingers down.

Red dot, 2x are my personal favourite to close targets. Aim the head well and control recoil as much as you can to take down the player faster.

Gyroscope is also a way used to control recoil. Your aim will move based on how you hold and tilt your phone. It takes a little time to learn it but I can assure you that it's worth learning.

Sensitivity and controls:

The four finger claw: you can search on YouTube how to play the four finger claw, you can find the handcam.
Three finger claw:

The sensitivity:

You can see this link on YouTube to learn more:


If you are using two different ammo gun then I'd suggest stocking 180 ammo each and if same ammo guy then stock up 300 ammo only.
Do not, I warn you do not forget to carry frag and smoke. You may never know when it will be handy.

I'd recommend carrying 5 energy drinks and 2pain killers and adrenaline syringe if you wish. You save the best for last, adrenaline syringe is most useful during the last zone. Carry minimum 3first aid kits, and one med kit if u want. But you will have to loot many first aid kits for the last zone, in case you don't find enemies then there will be healing battle.

If you want to move into the zone but you are surrounded, you can always throw a smoke and run towards the safe zone. Moving zigzag would be a better option to avoid getting killed within a short span of time. Also, when the zone is small, you can cook the grenade and throw it in random places like near the trees or rocks. Don't overcook it, leave it on 2secs to 3secs depending on the distance.

When you and you're teammates are in a house, avoid being all crowded in the same room. I'd advise you to occupy two different houses so if one gets knocked, the other can revive whereas the two next door can provide cover.
Peak and fire option is the must, you can go in settings, basic and make it available there.

You can hide behind a wall and peak and fire, this discloses lesser part of your body and you are more prone to getting killed by enemy especially if his/her aim is not upto the mark.

Map, always pay attention to the mini map. Look at the footsteps and be ready to fire.
Sound, pay close attention to the sound of footsteps, you will need to wear the earphones/headphones correctly for that.

Arcade, evo ground, room match:
It's always good to play these short time matches, you get players faster as well as you can get better at playing sooner.

If you wanna learn close combat then play quick match, war mode, team deathmatch, tdm fpp, room fpp

For sniping I'd suggest sniper training, tdm tpp
Playing fpp kar98k in room increases your aiming quality and ofcourse room doesn't involve random players, you always invite friends to play in room which can be pro as well as not so pro. Arcade, tdm are all based on your rating.

Safe or rush?:

If you would like to increase rating and avoid picking up a fight then you can play safe.
Camping is the best way to avoid fight and increase survival points.

Safe places in erangel are severny, zharki, shelter, water city, Yasnaya, Ferry pier, Primorsk, Lipovka.
In Sanhok; Camp Alpha, Hu tinh, Camp Bravo, Khao, Camp Charlie, Sahmee
In Vikendi; Krichas, Zabawa, Winery, Hot springs, Peshkova, Sawmill.
In Miramar; El Pozo, Los Leones, Monte Nuevo

But, if you wanna play rush landing on hot drop then use the strategy I gave. Pay attention to your instincts and play. If you want to go front and kill players to increase kd, sure but don't leave your teammates behind as you might need backup anytime.
Hotdrops in erangel are georgopol, novo, pochinki, military base, mylta, mylta power, mansion.

In Sanhok; Bootcamp, Paradise resort, Quarry, PaiNan, Ruins, TatMok.
In Vikendi; Villa, Cement Factory, Dino Park, Cosmodrome, Goroka.
In Miramar; Pecado, San Martin.

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