Successful Investor Vs Unsuccessful Investor

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(Last Updated On: December 13, 2020)

1) Taking Action

A successful investor takes action on their plans. They focus on execution. On the plans made for Investment but on another side, unsuccessful investor prepares a plan but fails to execute, Overthinking kills their execution. In investing taking action on the plans is most important rather than what others think because people think more but, then they fail to take action. So remember Overthinking kills their action.

2) Focus on company business model, not on company share price

A successful investor focuses on a business model of the company but, on the other hand, an unsuccessful investor focuses on the share price of the company. If you want to gain a multi-bagger return from your investment then focus on company fundamental analysis because the company share price does well when the company does well. But unsuccessful investor's focuses on the share price of the company. The company share price fluctuates always because of human emotion that's the way successful investor find their intrinsic value of the company from there fundamentals. Focus on company business model, not on the company share price.

3) Opportunity

A Successful investor always finds an opportunity in the market because he thinks logically but, an unsuccessful investor won't find many opportunities because of his overthinking. Overthinking kills their plans. They always search the low price stock because of his more focus on the quantity of share he can't focus on the quality of share. But successful investor focuses on the quality of share they don't focus on quantity.

4) Share Buying habit

Successful investor investment style is different from an unsuccessful investor. A successful investor invests in the market in tranches of amount, but unsuccessful investor directly put all money to market at one time that's the way he can't have the benefits of averaging the price of the share.

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5) Patience


Patience is most important in the stock market not only in the stock market but in life also. A successful investor has the patience to hold the quality stock on their portfolio but on another side, an unsuccessful investor can't have patience. Sometimes they pick the quality stock but they can't have the patience to hold it that's the way they sold the quality stock in a loss.

6) Unsuccessful investor blame others


Unsuccessful investor blames others if their investment is going wrong. They can't learn from there mistake they blame other but successful investor always take responsibilities of there investment planning. If their investment is going wrong that's time they learn from there mistake. They always learn new things but unsuccessful investor thinks they know everything they refuse to learn new thing.

7) Learn from mistakes

A successful investor always learns from the mistake but on another side, unsuccessful investor focuses on blaming others they can't learn from there mistake. Successful investor learns from there mistake & don't do the same mistake again & again but unsuccessful investor do the same mistake again & again because he can't learn from there mistake.

8) Note down your mistake

In a human mind, around 60 thousand thoughts are being thought of every single day. It's not possible to remember every single mistake in this way. Successful investor note there every mistake for learning purpose but unsuccessful investor don't want to learn that's the way they do the same mistake again & again. Learn to be a Good Investor.

So, friends, I wanted to tell you one thing from my heart if you want to create the multi-bagger return from your investment then follow above points. Because experience is always gained by making mistakes but learning from your mistakes is the best thing you can do to excel in the stock market.

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