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(Last Updated On: December 13, 2020)
Making unlimited gmail accounts can sound fun but you can use these Gmail to keep your identity safe, Confused right? Emails are a way to connect people over the internet, whether it may be people who are very far away like in another country or somewhere close to you. Did you know the first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson to himself in  1971. People tend to make a fake email id to keep their main email a secrete. But what if I would say you need not do that anymore?The website mentioned below will make u many email id which will be a fake one and you can giveaway to people whom you don't know and wanna know them better. It can be a person you met for the first time to a friend of with whom you are not comfortable in sharing your email id.
  1. Step: 1 You Need one proper Gmail account

    how to make unlimited gmail account in 4 steps

    ● You will need a valid Gmail account already for this trick I'm going to say that my Gmail account is this as an example:

  2. Step: 2 Visit the Website

    ● After you already have a valid Gmail account you will need to go to this site:

  3. Step: 3 Enter your gmail name

    Gmail Generator

    ● When you in that site you going to want to put the username of your valid Gmail account for example mine will be theinfology458 without put that in the generator
    (Just put your valid Gmail on that site and click generate)

  4. Step: 4 Your Gmail is Generated


    ● The site will generate tons of mails you want to use those gmails for anything you need and you will receive the messages on your valid email

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Note: All the messages people send to those generated emails I will receive it on my valid email that it is so copy any of those generated email from the site and you will receive the email message on your valid Gmail

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