How to Become a Good Investor?

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(Last Updated On: December 13, 2020)

1. Focus On only Investment

Good Investor Focus on only Investment, not on Intraday Trade. Because most of the wealthiest person of the world recommend for long term investment. In long term investment, there is more possibility for multi-bagger return.

2. Stop Making Excuses

Most people wanted to earn money from the stock market but can't be wanted to take effort for learning to "how to earn from the stock market". They always give excuses for learning, like they are busy, not having time to learn. If u wanted to become the good investor then stop making excuses.

3. Reading Habit


You know the most successful person in the world has a habit of reading. Warren Buffett spends 70% to 80% time to reading each day because they know if u learn before other then u get more benefits before others.

4. learn from others don't follow their recommendation

Most people are failed to become the good investor because they follow someone recommendation for trade they don't wanted to learn from them. They don't think how they do, they only follow there recommendation & some day take heavy losses over there investment. I personally request all my reader to learn from other don't follow there recommendation for trade, in learning stage u have many problems but after the years goes u become the good investor.

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5. Note down your own mistake

Note down your own mistake because it helps u in future, In human mind there are 60 thousand thoughts are coming on daily basis & u can't always remember your all mistake of stock market. Note down your mistake it's help u for not making same mistake again & again. In learning stage u make more mistake but it's helpful for your future. But one condition is that don't do same mistake again & again, if there is mistake learn from it.

6. Patience


In the long term investment, the most important thing that is required is patience. Because most people pick good share to there portfolio but can't have the patience to hold it for multi-bagger return. One of my friends do that mistake they buy reliance industries share on 900 rupees & sold it 1200 rupees & after the one-month reliance industries create new 52 weeks high of 2350 rupees. I know my friend has profited from there investment but they cannot enjoy the good return like others who hold that share.

7. Update of news

Update of news is important because some years ago Yes bank fundamental is good but after that the yes bank facing many challenges & there fundamental are coming down & the week financial result hints investor to go out from investment but some people cannot look news & don't read the quarterly result of the companies that's way they losing there money from stock market.

8. Take Action

Some people read the article about the stock market & sow the videos about long term investment. But they cannot take action, they always say I will do tomorrow but in next day they again read the new article & saw some other videos, then they say again, I will to tomorrow.

So friend's take action because action give u proper way. In starting stage u will be do some mistake but can't afraid about mistake, because more mistake gives u experience & these experience is most important to become the good Investor.

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