Google Maps easy-to-follow AR walking navigation feature is rolling out to smartphones

You are currently viewing Google Maps easy-to-follow AR walking navigation feature is rolling out to smartphones
(Last Updated On: August 9, 2019)

Have you ever found yourself in a situation with several roads and you can't understand which road to follow to reach your destination? Google maps do help us to reach us to our destination, but we can also get confused while using it. Google is rolling an augmented reality feature that should offer better, real-time walking navigations by using your smartphone camera. The tech giant said that it has been testing the argument reality (AR) functionality with local guides and the pixel community over the past few months. The AR functionality will be introduced to devices which only support ARCore and ARKit.

The AR feature introduced by Google is known as the "live view". Here your google maps and your smartphone camera will be working at the same time. Google will display arrows to reach your destination.

Another amazing feature of this map is the ability to simply tap on any location on the map and then to tap on the directions and finally to choose from the live view from the walking section which should appear at the bottom of the screen.

Note:- Live View is designed for glances, so you need not have to hold your smartphone up the entire time while moving from point A to point B.Google Maps AR Navigation

There are even more upgrades in the latest version of Google Maps such as a "Reservations" tab, where you can see your various types of bookings and a timeline feature that allows you to record the places you visit.

The walking navigation Feature is yet developing and is rolling out in its initial stage so it might be a little lacky.

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