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(Last Updated On: October 17, 2019)

Being Productive helps us understand things in a better way. We can also learn things much more faster. But what would you need to be productive? How can you be much more productive? How can we be Productive in our field in life?

Let's face it we all don't belong to the same field in life. So we might not know how to be productive. we ourself use the below apps to increase our productivity and they do help us a lot. Implementing these apps do take time, but once you have implemented it then no one can stop you.

“Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is specifically your own.”
– Bruce Lee

How We Chose the Best Productivity Apps of 2019

According to us, the best Productivity apps is any piece of software that helps you to save time and get things done faster in the least time. Some of the apps mentioned below may not be that productive for you in some way, But each one mentioned below is worth it. After going through our list of Best Productivity Apps 2019 do sit for a moment and think which app can benefit you the most and then chose your app accordingly.

Here are some of the application which we have mentioned below:

1) To Do List


Now how many of you might have thought this? Yes, The To-Do List is among the top of all apps. The Best Feature of this app is that you need not get a headache to remember your daily schedule. The app does it all for you. The Best way to use this app is to schedule your stuff at night just before sleeping. That way as you get up in the morning you-do know what to do. We also make use of such apps for planning our daily schedule. Once a particular task has been completed, you can also strike through it.

There are tons of to-do list apps present in the market you can install Google KeppEvernote or Microsoft To-do List. You might also get some inner satisfaction and a huge smile on your face s you can see your things getting done faster. Know more about the Best To-Do list apps

2) Scan Files

Scanning Files might not give you much of productivity when you have the book you want. But If you desperately want a certain-copy of a book and you get your hands on it for a few days. Then you can use various Scanning apps such as camscanner and Microsoft Office Lens. We use camscanner to create pdf of our important-documents and notes.

Note:- Make pdf of certain-notes and share with your friends (Can be used widely by students to increase productivity)

3) Manage your Budget

manage your budget

Who Doesn't Love Shopping, Food and go on a Holiday Trip? Let's be honest we love to spend money on things much more than our needs don't we? If you face financial problems, then saving money is the best option you have. You can manage your budget using excel or on a piece of paper. Why not manage on an app specifically designed for this purpose? Yes, there are special-apps to manage your budgets. The Play store Editors Choice also recommends Productivity apps such as SpendeeWalletMobills BudgetMoney Manager and many more.

Do Checkout the apps and choose which suits your best interest. Few of these apps can also connect to your bank account. So eventually managing money is made simple. We do-not connect our bank-accounts but rather than that we enter the amount manually. Do choose what suits you the best.

4) Calendar

Best Productivity Apps Calendar App

The Calendar is a smart app which eventually helps you save tons of time. The app is always learning on its own to give you the best results. We bet you as you use the app and as time passes by, you will-do benefit a lot and increase your productivity.

The Calendar app is also Featured in CNN, Inc, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. The app also gives you the ability to dive deep and analyze your schedules and find different ways to increase your productivity and save more time.

It's easy to get started, just go straight to and follow the signup prompts. You can get started for free or add more features with a monthly subscription plan.

4) Fitness Trackers

Fitness Trackers

Apart from Fitness Bands, Smartphone apps can also help you to increase your fitness levels. These apps work based on sensors present in the smartphones which convey insightful information about our workout. Such applications grab useful data and help us gain muscle, lose weight or even maintain a healthy lifestyle. These productivity apps also do contain routines that can train and guide you to do some home workouts. You can use apps such as Google Fitand Nike Training Club. We believe these two apps are the best. Check out here to know more.

5) Any Podcast 

Best Productivity Apps Listen to Podcast

Remember the Time when FM Radio Used to work the most? Well FM Radio still works today its just we don't prefer radio much and get engaged in social media and our daily life. A podcast is as similar to a Radio Channel. Just here the Audio is Recorded and stored online where you can listen to various stuff about the speaker's thoughts and ideas. It is also as similar to a youtube video, But just without a video. This app can be Specially used when you are on a long journey where the audio file wont takeup much of your smartphones storage space. Thereby Boosting your productivity to the maximum level.

We have a habit of listening to at least one podcast daily for our self-improvement & keep our brain in a state of intensified concentration. It has proven to be  one of the best productivity apps. Just listen to any kind of Audio you can search in the search bar, what kind of topic do you need and make use of this.

6) LastPass

No wonder may of us do forget our passwords, Don't we? We live in a world with multiple places to log into. There are many applications and Websites which always require you to keep a unique password. Just like one website/app is ok with a normal password difficulty level there are websites/apps which require you to have a very difficult password. And we all know where these passwords process Leads us to. Yes, that s right! the forgot password page.

To remember all the details you need to save in any note, for that we will recommend you to use LastPass which is available free of cost to save your Passwords which makes it on one of the tops in the list of Best productivity apps 2019.

7) Quora

Best Productivity Apps Question

Always worried about What, Why, How, Who and When? Well, your answers are here On Quora. It is the best ever platform where we can get answers to all our questions. If you have any Question like from the smallest one or the biggest one. You can post your question here and possibly you might get the answer to your question within 24-48 hours. The biggest profit is that you won't just get a single answer. Yes as Quora is a very well known reputed website thousands of users stay active over there. So you can expect multiple responses to your question. We also started to write Answer frequently on Quora.

8) LinkedIn

Now How many of you all use LinkedIn?  Maybe not many rights. If you have never used LinkedIn you should start using it now. The most profitable stuff about LinkedIn is that you can find professional guys in your industry(the one in which you are growing) and get connected with them. Share your ideas, Discuss with random people which really does increase your knowledge.

We had made our LinkedIn account in 2016 at that time we had no Idea, we had just kept on updating our page with random stuff, but now when we got to know the Importance of LinkedIn, we get connected to them with the latest updates and share our thoughts.

9) Manage your social media

Best Productivity Apps social media management

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and many more social media apps are like too many and difficult to maintain. In order to post a specific Piece of content, you need to prepare the post and copy paste it everywhere by opening every social media app and paste your content and post accordingly. But with these social media management tools, you just need to post from a specific place the app of the social media management tool and there you go you single post is posted on multiple social media channels. Thus helping you save time and increase your productivity. The best Productivity apps which we recommend you for this IFTTTHootsuite, and Buffer.

10) Team up to increase productivity

Best Productivity Apps Team up and increase Productivity

Wanna do your work Faster as a Team?

Is it Difficult for you to maintain your work as a Team?

Does it cost you more time and money to complete a given assignment?

Do you know any productivity apps?

Well here is the solution to the above questions. Yes you can do your work much faster then ever. There are certain apps dedicated to increase teamwork and get your work done easily. Of course you only will have to do the work. But these apps can increase the co-ordination of your workflow with other employees. You can use apps such as cisco webx teams and mindmeister. These apps have their own way of getting things done faster. Do use them and choose which suits out the best for you.

11) Image Editing (Quotes, Posters)

Best Productivity Apps Image Editing

Editing an image is a serious mess. Especially when you want to make it very attractive and deliver a message typed on the image. It is said that an image with a good message attracts more people and much more especially when its designed very good. Now you might be wondering to edit an image you need to know about photoshop and corel draw. Let us tell you the honest answer that you donot need to know all these stuff. Yes thats right! there are applications available to increase your image editing speed. We at use apps such as canva and Adobe Photoshop Express to edit our images with high Quality quickly and easily.

12) Learn Online

Best Productivity Apps Learn Online

We bet you the best way to Increase your productivity is to learn stuff online from various apps or youtube channels. Yet f you want to learn on a specific topic then you must be thinking that you need to join-up for a course. Y,es you do need to join-up for a course. But why not Learn it online?  we have a tendancy to stay busy in various stuff in life. But what if we have some time from our usual dailly time expenditure.

Yes, you can spend your valuable time to learn something new. Like how to understand people better, how to learn coding or even how to talk to people and impress them. Sounds great right? Well, you can get all of these materials in a course format and we also use it. We use Udemy to learn our stuff. you can also go on to coursera and skill share.


The best productivity apps recommended above will do help you get the best version of yourself. Just select which one you need and do the work accordingly and notice the change in yourself and your work. Do Share and subscribe to our post notification. Comment below for any Queries

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