4 Best Age My Face Apps to look Older | All You Need to Know

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(Last Updated On: December 13, 2020)

Age my Face Apps are very popular as they age our face and help us look older while we are young. Well, wouldn't we all love to know what would we look like when we grow older in life? Will you be looking like our mom and dad or somewhat completely different. Will you still look stunning and gorgeous when you are 60. There are multiple questions among us. But all we can do is just predict for now. These below-mentioned apps use the power of artificial intelligence and make you look older.

 How Does Age my Face Apps work?

The applications claim to use an advanced neural portrait editing technology which is used to improve your selfie experience.

To understand it easily. You can simply put it in this way that the AI technology recognises your face and then it marks a layout of your face and marks places for the eyes and a line for the mouth. It is as simple as making a layout of your face, the places where the eyes and mouth will be and the broadness of the face. After analysing your photo the AI then applies various filters to it in a way that best pic is generated.

Best Apps to look Older

Below, here we have done a comparison of the top age my face apps.

The below-mentioned apps usually works in three simple steps.

  1. Just click a selfie or upload an image.
  2. Then you need to select the position of eyes, your mouth and your chin.
  3. Then Click on ready to go. There you are your Face will become older.

1. FaceApp

piersmorgan Faceapp age my face apps look older
@piersmorgan using the FaceApp

The FaceApp is amongst the most popular make yourself look old apps. The app is a Freemium app as the basic things such as it gives basic things such as select one type of smile i.e Classic, Ages such  as Old, young 2 and young, Beards such as  hipster, Hair colour such as Black, Hair style such as bangs, Glasses such as normal ones along with few more effects. The Paid things include much more smiles, impressions, beards, hair colours and more.

 The #AgeChallenge by FaceApp

The #AgeChallenge is a challenge where you need to upload an image of yourself with the app's filter applied. It was launched by The Faceapp in order to make the app ore trending. Various celebrities, such as Piers Morgan above in the Faceapp pic have also tried this app.

2. Oldify

The oldify app just need your selfie or a pic which it can turn into an older you. The oldify app gives us the ability to edit the places where the face, eyes and mouth are located. You can choose your ages from 20+,40+, 60+ for free. The oldify app along with the looking old image gives us the ability to create a video too. The video effects such as clear throat, Yawn, Burp, cough, Fart, Sigh and Sneeze are available too. It also  gives us some paid features where our age is 80+ and 99+ along with Aging Beard, Sweat, Baldify, Beardify and Stachelfy.

3. AgingBooth

The AgingBooth is another great platform of age my face apps to make you look older. It does not have any other special feature apart from making you look older. But it does convert your face approximately to a 60-year old person.

4. Future Face

The developers of the Future Face app has made it in such a way that whenever you click a pic or select a pic to look older. The app warns you by striking a message which says "Aging may make you feel uncomfortable. Do you want to continue?". the Future Face lets you select your age from 20 years, 40 years to 60 years.


The above-mentioned age my face apps have their own and a different way of making your face look older. Do try the apps mentioned above and tell us in the comments below.

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