7 Best Indoor Games (Group) During the Coronavirus(Covid-19)

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(Last Updated On: May 1, 2020)

Who would have ever thought that one would have to stay at home compulsorily with every member of the family around at the same time for a long stretch of the period as observed in recent times? This forced holiday made possible by the current world pandemic situation not only give people enough time to rest at home but also help people living together to get to bond and seek for activities and events that would cure boredom.

Imagine someone so used to his/her work routine, the 9- 5 work schedule and little rest at the weekend now forced to stay home not for a few days but weeks with no end in sight soon. Not only would people like that be uncomfortable but boredom would be their best buddy because they are cut off from the life they are used to and forced to adjust due to a circumstance beyond their control.

However, one does not have to stay bored forever and with the current persistence of the pandemic and no positivity yet in sight, one must engage in activities that would keep one un-bored and more importantly take one’s mind away from the current situation for a while. One of such events is indoor games.

As childish as the word ‘game’ might sound especially to uptight workaholics, it is one of the best activities to engage in now as there are adult games. There are several of these games based on preferences and objectives. Some games that help to teach leadership qualities; improve cognitive processes, team building amongst others. 

Thus, here is a list of indoor group games recommended during this period of long isolation and holiday.

1. Picture Puzzles -Easy

picture puzzle

This indoor game is pretty straight forward but can be challenging either. Here pictures from magazines are cut into reasonable pieces enough for every person involved in the game. The cut pictures are mixed up and everyone is asked to put at least one piece of the picture together. It could be played on a team of two or more basis. The first one to solve the puzzle wins.

2. Musical Chair

musical chairs

This is a very fun indoor game involving a lot of dancing and excitement. It helps to improve self-consciousness and alertness. It involves at least more than two players. The more the merrier. Chairs according to the number of players are set up in a round shape closely except that the number of chairs must be minus one of the total numbers of players.

For instance, if there are 5 players, 4 chairs would be made available. Each player is expected to move around consistently dancing as music played around the chairs in circles until the music is abruptly stopped. Then each player scramble for a seat.

However, since the chairs are always less than one player involved. There will always be one person without a chair seated. That person has lost out and leaves the game. While a chair is further removed. This continues until there are two players with one seat to win.

Watch this video to make your game more interesting

3. Hot Seat

hot seat

This is a very interesting game but it appeals more to persons who have an interest in general knowledge of several subjects. Though it can be streamlined to fit any subject. Let us say, sports or politics. It needs people who can use clues and have good knowledge of the subject. It is played such that teamwork is required to help their representative who is on the hot seat trying to figure out the right answer.

The indoor game master writes a word as related to the subject and shows it to the team members of the person on the hot seat who are behind him/her. They are to give him/her clues, hints towards getting the right word shown to them. To keep the game interesting, there is a clue or hint giving limit such that let us say after 10 attempts to get the answer is exhausted, the team loses points or does not gain required points.

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4. Tower of Hanoi

This is a classic team building indoor game requiring lots of teamwork, mathematical and analytical mindset as well as leadership and problem solving amongst teammates and participants. It is a team game as it consists of puzzles of three towers with five discs arranged in a conical manner.

To win this game, a team is required to move the tower from one tower to another without changing the disc order (large discs are in the lower part of the pecking order). However, there are rules to be followed. Some of the rules include:

  • One can only move the uppermost disc.
  • Only one disc can be moved at a time.
  • Disruption of the pecking order is not allowed such that a large disc could be placed above a smaller disc.

Learn to make your own Tower of hanoi game at home

5. Tug of War

tug of war

This is one of the oldest group games. It involves the use of ropes with teams at different ends of the rope trying to outwit each other. Any team that successfully makes the other team cross the dividing line wins. However, there is a new twist to the game. A 4-way tug of war, here four teams are involved here, each team is at the end of four ends of the rope tied in a cross manner.

Thus, for every pull by each team, it must be strong enough to overcome the collective forces of the other three to make them cross their lines and win. It is fun and can be almost impossible to win due to its multidirectional variant. However, it instils teamwork, perseverance and requires lots of strength.

6. Trash Can Ball

This is a game common to a large group of young persons especially college students. It involves the use of tennis balls, trash cans. It is a sport-like game testing one’s ability to concentrate and throw accurately. Place the trash cans at least 7 feet away from the first throwing line, 14 feet from the second throwing line and 21 feet from the last throwing line.

The trash cans (at least 5) are placed in a straight line vertically such that the farthest can gets the largest point if a tennis ball is successfully thrown into it. So, with a team of at least two persons, the game could be started. Each member of each team is expected to start from the 21 feet throwing line, and for each successful throw into the trash can, the team can throw from a closer throwing line subsequently. Each player can be given five throwing opportunities but it can vary as the umpire of the game wants or is agreed upon. In the end, let the winning team take the winning price.

7. Shoe Scrambler

This indoor game gives the best fun in a team where everyone removes their shoes (preferably). The more persons, the more shoes, the more fun. The shoes are all mixed up in a large bowl as everyone is split into two teams. Team members are asked to run to the bowl in pairs of the opposite team, sort out their shoes, wear them and run back to their teams. On returning, the next person in the team goes and does the same until the whole team completely put on back their shoes. The first team completely sort and wears their shoes wins.

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