5G network launch is the next biggest thing which will change the Human as well as AI lifestyle forever

You are currently viewing 5G network launch is the next biggest thing which will change the Human as well as AI lifestyle forever
(Last Updated On: September 9, 2019)

Ever wondered how 5G will change our life? 

Besides faster mobile phones and data speeds, there will also be greater automation of tasks and digital connectivity around the world. Many new products which will soon be available in the market, services and entire industries will provide a 5G speed of connectivity. Self-driving cars, remote robotic surgery and much more are set of examples to be delivered via 5G network, which transforms our lives and adds billions and trillions of dollars to the global economy every year.

While 5G is already in South Korea and selected US cities, the most dramatic changes are still coming ahead in a few years. Many changes may come with risks and painful disruptions new 5G wireless Networks.

Here are some of the amazing ways 5G will change the world.

1. Internet of Things

IOT 5g Network

The Internet of Things refers to all the machines and devices linked through the hardware, software and internet, and its enormous growth is likely imminent as 5G comes online.

This forwarding in connectivity will be 5G to the spread of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning which will enable massive amounts of data to be collected from remote and mobile sensors and analyzed in real-time systems.

 IT will everything from home appliances, groceries, autonomous vehicles to smart cities... There are expected to be 126 billion devices linked by 2030, up from 10 billion last year, according to analysts at DBS Group Research.

2. Transport and Logistics

Transport and Logistics 5G network launch is the next biggest thing which will change the Human as well as AI lifestyle forever

IT will include everything from home appliances groceries, autonomous vehicles and smart cities... Everyone in today's world, including Uber Technologies Inc is looking to build self-driving cars. 5G and autonomous vehicles also promise a revolution in shipping and logistics. That could mean platoons of linked autonomous trucks and cargo ships, improvements in logistics efficiency.

Millions of truck, tractor, bus and taxi drivers around the world could lose their jobs, though of course new works ones would be created.

3. HealthCare

 Feeling unwell? One day you could do a house call from a self-driving mini-clinic that offers the automated diagnostic test to a range of doctors. That is one vision of the future of healthcare in which rapid advances in data transmission, robotics, Machine Learning and AI change the quality of care and the way it is delivered. 

4. In The Office

officeOffice work will get smarter. Advances in Artificial Intelligence(AI) and machine learning made possible by 5G networks will mean fewer white-collar workers will be engaged in repetitive tasks, even cognitive ones such as accounting and data processing.

Workers who can collaborate with intelligent machines and technologies who have cognitive skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking will be the most in-demand future.

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5. In The Factory

The factory of the future will also rely on 5G to enable reality, autonomous mobility, sensor networks, and machine learning.

The result will be “extreme automation" and dramatic advances and changes in productivity.

Japanese machine tool maker Yamazaki Mazak recently helped to launch, UK’s first 5G factory trials using sensors for real-time monitoring systems and data collection, helping to better-maintaining automation systems.

6. Security and War

security and war

5G has implications for public and national security. To begin with, the extreme interconnects itself risks, making everything from individual households to energy grids more vulnerable to hackers.

The 5G network will also introduce the power of developing fully autonomous advanced weapons that make their own decisions to fire on selected targets, as well as the tracking people in public in real-time using facial recognition technology using AI.

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Adding UP

IHS Markit views 5G as on a par with the printing press, electricity and the steam engine—a technology that from 2020-35 will add real gross domestic product equivalent to the size of India’s economy.

"The profound effects arising from these innovations increasing wide range from the positive impacts for human, machine and AI productivity to the living standards for human beings around the world.


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